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How can I load an application and replace the existing copy to the Blackberry emulator from the command line (not Eclipse)?

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You can copy your app's .cod file into the simulator home directory. When the simulator is launched your app will appear in the sim. I prefer this technique because it's simple and easily scripted. (I developed an automated BB test framework). Some of the newer simulator's (fledge) have CLI options for loading apps.

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This sometimes hasn't work for me past. –  spacemanaki Oct 12 '10 at 13:56

Go into your simulator window menu and select "Simulate->USB Cable Connected" and then you can use javaloader as if it was an actual device connected via USB.

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KeyPress(FRONT_CONVENIENCE). This worked on a 9630 simulator. There's a list of possible key names in the /controller-help for fledge, I just iterated through them and made a guess

edit: This is in response to Vishal

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