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I have an editable grid and would like to update values based on the edited cell and I am doing this in the itemEditEndHandler such that when they finish editing a cell I update other cells that are dependent on it. the only problem is in the itemEditEndHandler the new value has not registered yet. If I try and get the value of the cell i find that its still giving me the old value and not the new value that I have entered.

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Listen for collectionChange event on the dataProvider of the DataGrid.

ListCollectionView objects, i.e. ArrayCollection and XMLListCollection objects, dispatch a CollectionEvent.COLLECTION_CHANGE event whenever there is a change in the collection. Check for the kind property of the dispatched event - if it is CollectionEventKind.UPDATE, it means that one or more items have been updated. The items array of the event will hold the updated items.

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If your datagrid is using a dataProvider that is an ArrayCollection, you can call its refresh() method in the handler triggered by the itemEditor's change event, then call the dataGrid's invalidateList() method.

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Thank you. I am also trying to access certain values in a cell by using ListCollectionView(dgViewPreview.dataProvider).getItemAt(rowIndex)[Datafield] but its not returning the right values is there any other way. i am using this in the itemeditendhandler. –  Linda Oct 11 '10 at 13:58

Use gridItemEditorSessionSave

<s:DataGrid gridItemEditorSessionSave="dataGrid_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(event)" >

and in the actionscript

protected function dataGrid_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(event:GridItemEditorEvent):void
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