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I have to develop solution based on getting data from address book. Those data must be saved into text format. I coded it with Java™ Platform Micro Edition SDK 3.0.

    public void getAddrBook() throws Exception{
        addrStr= new StringBuffer("");
        pim = PIM.getInstance();
            contactList = (ContactList)pim.openPIMList(PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY);
            int kk=0;
            for (Enumeration items = contactList.items(); items.hasMoreElements();kk++) {
                PIMItem item = (PIMItem)items.nextElement();
                if (kk>5) break;
                //detailed enumeration of fields
                int[] fields = item.getPIMList().getSupportedFields();
                for (int i = 0; i < fields.length; i++) {
                    int field = fields[i];
                    int dataType = item.getPIMList().getFieldDataType(field);
                    String label = item.getPIMList().getFieldLabel(field);
                    //checking type of PIMItem
                    //can be STRING, BOOLEAN, STRING_ARRAY, DATE, INT, BINARY
                    if (dataType==PIMItem.STRING){
                        for (int j=0; j

                    //String sValue = item.getString(field, 0);
                    //System.out.println("["+label+"] - "+sValue);
                    //System.out.println("["+label+"] - ");//+sValue);
    catch(PIMException e){
        throw new Exception("Some errors with access to address book");
        //TODO: check empty list and other


But this code works only in emulator and doesn't work in real phone. How should I use PIM for saving data in text format?

Also, I allowed access to contact book. I think error is using PIM structure. I need some working sample. Who has it? (:

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can you log exception somewhere in device and post it here.. – Jigar Joshi Oct 11 '10 at 12:46
yes, I can. It is "Invalid attribute argument: 0" message in exception. – lc0 Oct 11 '10 at 12:53

The JSR75 PIM API has security features built-in that require applications to be digitally signed by a trusted source. Signing can be done at sites like GeoTrust (I have used it for AT&T on a Sony Ericsson W810).

In addition to signing the application, you will need to enable permissions in the application's JAD file. The following 6 permissions are possible for the PIM API.
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