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After some quick Googling, I found that there are some XML libraries available for v8/Node.js:

However, after drilling down into these modules, it seems that they only provide support for parsing XML documents, and manipulating them with DOM. I'm wondering if anyone is aware of an XSLT library for Node.js or v8.

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Try this. Looks like an adapter for LibXSLT.

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That module looks to block horribly. – Stephen Melrose Apr 23 '12 at 13:07

There is a pure Javascript XSLT and XPATH library

I havent tried it in node, but it could be workable (not sure if it needs any DOM).

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Thank you, Justin. Unfortunately, the project is abandoned, and does not fully implement XSLT 1.0. In particular, it is unable to correctly process my current project. It would be nice if there was a pure-JS XSLT solution, as then my XSLT-based project could take advantage of the Web Workers API in the browser, but to my knowledge, such a library does not currently exist. – jbeard4 Dec 2 '10 at 15:18

There seems to be something in the working:, you can sign up for a beta invite.

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