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In erlang, there are bitwise operations to operate on integers, for example:

1>  127 bsl 1.

there is also the ability to pack integers into a sequence of bytes

<< 16#7F, 16#FF >>

is it possible, or are there any operators or BIFs that can perform bitwise operations (eg AND, OR, XOR, SHL, SHR) on binary packed data?

for example (if bsl worked on binary packages - which it does not):

1>  << 16#7F, 16#FF >> bsl 1.
<< 255, 254 >>
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Try out this way:

bbsl(Bin,Shift) -> <<_:Shift,Rest/bits>> = Bin, <<Rest/bits,0:Shift>>.
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Thanks, that is great! Additionally this can be modified for rotation as well: brol(Bin,Shift) -> <<U:Shift,Rest/bits>> = Bin, <<Rest/bits,U:Shift>> Cheers – Mike Hamer Dec 31 '08 at 7:44

Using Erlang's unbounded integer sizes we can accomplish this:

1> Bits = <<16#0FFFFFFF:(4*8)>>.

2> size(Bits).

3> Size=size(Bits)*8.

4> <<Num:Size>> = Bits.

5> Num.

6> Num2 = Num bsl 4.

7> Bits2 = <<Num2:Size>>.

8> <<A:8,B:8,C:8,D:8>>=Bits2.

9> A.

10> D.

as we expected.

Note that in my solution I anticipated how many shifts I would need (4) by adding 4 '0's to the initial string stored in the binary (16#0F... the first 4 positions are 0)

Not sure how I would handle it if I had to shift beyond the 'boundary' of the binary container, I guess you would just AND with 2^Size-1.

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