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I am currently working on a project which uses remoting for exposing the business logics. It is consumed by a Windows UI application. In Webservices, it is possible to look into the webmethods which are exposed by typing the webservice url in the IE (For example: http://localhost/webservices/webservicesample.asmx). But this is not possible with remoting.

How can I see the methods exposed via remoting. Is it possible to see the webmethods by typing http://localhost/remotingsample/remotingone.rem?


Do I have to use any tool for viewing the webmethods?

Kindly let me know, if I am not clear or do you need additional information

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are you trying access a third party service via remoting or are you trying to determine the interface methods dynamically from the server? (if the latter, why?) – Brian Reichle Jan 31 '11 at 10:17

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