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I'm trying to figure out how best to get this PHP statement

$wpdb->get_results("SELECT verb, display_name AS organization, inline_the FROM
userorganizations U, organizations O WHERE U.org_id = O.ID AND 
U.user_id=$author_id", OBJECT);

To spit out something like the following:

John works for Initech, owns John's Tasty Pastry, and writes for the New York Times

I can do almost everything except figure out a good way to insert the bolded "and" up above: I don't know how to iterate through to just before the final row, do something special, then run the final row.

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By default, get_results() returns a numerically indexed object of the results. It's easy to figure out how many results you have by assigning that object to a variable and then using count() to figure out how many results you have.


$results = $wpdb->get_results(..., OBJECT);

foreach($results as $result) {
    if($result == $results[count($results) - 1]) echo '<strong>and</strong>';
    ... The rest of your loop here ...
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