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Ive been using subcommander to generate my dal. Im using and sqlexpress and .net 3.5

My webconfig looks like this

<!-- add subsonic in for dal-->
    <section name="SubSonicService" type="SubSonic.SubSonicSection, SubSonic" allowDefinition="MachineToApplication" requirePermission="false"/>

    <!-- Development connection string -->
    <add name="kimconnection" connectionString="Data Source=7NQ384J\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=kim2;Integrated Security=True;"/>

<!--Add my provider for subsonic to my database-->
<SubSonicService defaultProvider="kimAppProvider">
        <add name="kimAppProvider" type="SubSonic.SqlDataProvider, SubSonic" connectionStringName="kimconnection" generatedNamespace="kimdata"/>

<!--Add my provider for generating my dal / classes-->
    <add extension=".abp" type="SubSonic.BuildProvider, SubSonic"/>

Ok my problem is that if I comment out my build provider (as I thought I didnt use it when using subcommander to generate my classes), I cant do imports kimdata inside my aspx code behinds to access to classes.

However if I leave this is, (ie dont comment it out) and I then debug my code in visual studio I get over 200 errors, the error message is "statement cannot appear outside method body"

the error seems to show this im my compiled app_code when its debugging, the thing is this is c#, im using vb, the classes I generate are vb, and the default language is vb, so why is this in c# and is this the reason im getting the errors? or is there some other reason, and how can I resolve this as my app wont run as there are to many erorrs,

#ExternalChecksum("d:\dscott\windows\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites\KimV2\App_Code\builder.abp","{406ea660-64cf-4c82-b6f0-42d48172a799}","ECAA88F7FA0BF610A5A26CF545DCD3AA")
using System; 
using System.Text; 
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Data.Common;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Configuration; 
using System.Xml; 
using System.Xml.Serialization;
using SubSonic; 
using SubSonic.Utilities;

namespace kimdata
 /// <summary>
 /// Strongly-typed collection for the AlertMessage class.
 /// </summary>
 public partial class AlertMessageCollection : ActiveList<AlertMessage, AlertMessageCollection>
  public AlertMessageCollection() {}

        /// <summary>
  /// Filters an existing collection based on the set criteria. This is an in-memory filter
  /// Thanks to developingchris for this!
        /// </summary>
        /// <returns>AlertMessageCollection</returns>
  public AlertMessageCollection Filter()
            for (int i = this.Count - 1; i > -1; i--)
                AlertMessage o = this[i];
                foreach (SubSonic.Where w in this.wheres)
                    bool remove = false;
                    System.Reflection.PropertyInfo pi = o.GetType().GetProperty(w.ColumnName);
                    if (pi.CanRead)
                        object val = pi.GetValue(o, null);
                        switch (w.Comparison)
                            case SubSonic.Comparison.Equals:
                                if (!val.Equals(w.ParameterValue))
                                    remove = true;
                    if (remove)
            return this;

 /// <summary>
 /// This is an ActiveRecord class which wraps the alertMessages table.
 /// </summary>
 public partial class AlertMessage : ActiveRecord<AlertMessage>, IActiveRecord
  #region .ctors and Default Settings

  public AlertMessage()

  private void InitSetDefaults() { SetDefaults(); }

  public AlertMessage(bool useDatabaseDefaults)

  public AlertMessage(object keyID)

  public AlertMessage(string columnName, object columnValue)

  protected static void SetSQLProps() { GetTableSchema(); }


  #region Schema and Query Accessor 
  public static Query CreateQuery() { return new Query(Schema); }
  public static TableSchema.Table Schema
    if (BaseSchema == null)
    return BaseSchema;

  private static void GetTableSchema() 
    //Schema declaration
    TableSchema.Table schema = new TableSchema.Table("alertMessages", TableType.Table, DataService.GetInstance("kimAppProvider"));
    schema.Columns = new TableSchema.TableColumnCollection();
    schema.SchemaName = @"dbo";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarMessageID = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarMessageID.ColumnName = "messageID";
    colvarMessageID.DataType = DbType.Int32;
    colvarMessageID.MaxLength = 0;
    colvarMessageID.AutoIncrement = true;
    colvarMessageID.IsNullable = false;
    colvarMessageID.IsPrimaryKey = true;
    colvarMessageID.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarMessageID.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarMessageID.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarMessageID.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarDocumentType = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarDocumentType.ColumnName = "documentType";
    colvarDocumentType.DataType = DbType.AnsiString;
    colvarDocumentType.MaxLength = 50;
    colvarDocumentType.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarDocumentType.IsNullable = false;
    colvarDocumentType.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarDocumentType.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarDocumentType.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarDocumentType.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarDocumentType.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarMessageTitle = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarMessageTitle.ColumnName = "messageTitle";
    colvarMessageTitle.DataType = DbType.AnsiString;
    colvarMessageTitle.MaxLength = 200;
    colvarMessageTitle.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarMessageTitle.IsNullable = false;
    colvarMessageTitle.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarMessageTitle.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarMessageTitle.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarMessageTitle.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarMessageTitle.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarMsgPublishDate = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarMsgPublishDate.ColumnName = "msgPublishDate";
    colvarMsgPublishDate.DataType = DbType.DateTime;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.MaxLength = 0;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.IsNullable = false;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarMsgPublishDate.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarMsgPublishDate.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarXml = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarXml.ColumnName = "xml";
    colvarXml.DataType = DbType.String;
    colvarXml.MaxLength = 1073741823;
    colvarXml.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarXml.IsNullable = false;
    colvarXml.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarXml.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarXml.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarXml.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarXml.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarCreatedOn = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarCreatedOn.ColumnName = "createdOn";
    colvarCreatedOn.DataType = DbType.DateTime;
    colvarCreatedOn.MaxLength = 0;
    colvarCreatedOn.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarCreatedOn.IsNullable = false;
    colvarCreatedOn.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarCreatedOn.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarCreatedOn.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarCreatedOn.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarCreatedOn.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarCreatedBy = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarCreatedBy.ColumnName = "createdBy";
    colvarCreatedBy.DataType = DbType.String;
    colvarCreatedBy.MaxLength = 50;
    colvarCreatedBy.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarCreatedBy.IsNullable = false;
    colvarCreatedBy.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarCreatedBy.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarCreatedBy.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarCreatedBy.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarCreatedBy.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarModifiedOn = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarModifiedOn.ColumnName = "modifiedOn";
    colvarModifiedOn.DataType = DbType.DateTime;
    colvarModifiedOn.MaxLength = 0;
    colvarModifiedOn.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarModifiedOn.IsNullable = true;
    colvarModifiedOn.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarModifiedOn.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarModifiedOn.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarModifiedOn.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarModifiedOn.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    TableSchema.TableColumn colvarModifiedBy = new TableSchema.TableColumn(schema);
    colvarModifiedBy.ColumnName = "modifiedBy";
    colvarModifiedBy.DataType = DbType.String;
    colvarModifiedBy.MaxLength = 50;
    colvarModifiedBy.AutoIncrement = false;
    colvarModifiedBy.IsNullable = true;
    colvarModifiedBy.IsPrimaryKey = false;
    colvarModifiedBy.IsForeignKey = false;
    colvarModifiedBy.IsReadOnly = false;
    colvarModifiedBy.DefaultSetting = @"";
    colvarModifiedBy.ForeignKeyTableName = "";

    BaseSchema = schema;
    //add this schema to the provider
    //so we can query it later

  #region Props

  PK Collections


        #region Deep Save


Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


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2 Answers 2

Actually you have to tell subsonic which code language to use for code generation. If you use subcommander you can add a /lang vb parameter to the command line. If you use the build provider I am 95% certain subsonic will choose the right language to use by itself. One possible mistake you made is that, according to the docs: the buildprovider section has to be inside a compilation tag:

<compilation debug="true" defaultLanguage="C#">
      <!--########################## SubSonic Build Provider ###############################-->
      <!--This will NOT WORK in Medium Trust-->
        <add extension=".abp" type="SubSonic.BuildProvider, SubSonic"/>

You should create one for yourself with

    <compilation debug="true" defaultLanguage="VB">
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Hi Everyone and thanks for your answers, however i tried all of these previously and couldnt get it to work, luckily i have now fixed the issue.

I did this by creating my own class vb class library, adding the reference system.web, system.configuration, subsonic.dll and associated dlls, i then added an app config with my connection string and service provider and then generated my classes, i then built the class as a dll.

I included the DLL inside my website bin folder and now everything compiles and works fine.

However this does now mean i have to reference my dal as kimDal.kimdata but hey it works so im please

Thanks to all


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