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I need to publish messages to a topic on a JMS server running on a different machine. The server on the remote machine is Glassfish v3 (OpenMQ). From reading other posts here, I think I need to tell the remote broker to accept JMS messages from a different IP than his own i.e not localhost. Actually, I'd like that remote broker to accept message from remote as well as the local machine.

Problem is, I can't figure out how to configure the remote machine's embedded broker, OpenMQ. I think it is possible from the Glassfish console, but can't figure it out. In jboss you'd execute with a -b, but the remote machine is not running jboss. It's Glassfish/OpenMQ. I'm new to all this as you can tell.

I think I know how to set up the JNDI context on the "local" machine that is publishing the messages to the other, remote machine. I've seen examples.


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The Glassfish built-in OpenMQ configuration file is:


Here you may want to set


Though the default seems to be accepting connections from anywhere according to the docs.

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