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is there any drag and drop environment to work with GWT widgets. or any user friendly IDE or plugin on IDE's i remember using some thing like MyEclips for developing Hibernate was better then working with .xml files.

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The Eclipse-based WindowBuilder Pro supports GWT and is now free, courtesy of Google.

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That link seems to be broken. Try this – doughgle Dec 6 '13 at 10:29
@doughgle Fixed the link, thanks! – Zsolt Török Dec 10 '13 at 18:33

I tried GWT Designer,, but I think for now I'll stick to code the guis myself by hand.

The main reasons are:

  • Sometimes, it takes a little while (longer than I can wait) to load the design mode.
  • Sometimes it breaks after you modify code underneath.
  • Sometimes, does not do what you expect it to do.

I would suggest you giving it a try and see if it works out for your needs.

In my opinion, the experience using it has been frustrating than encouraging.

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