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I have a v = 2x30 matrix and I need to take make another matrix to take all points of v whose y coordinates are positive

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vPos = v(:, v(2,:) > 0);

creates the 2-by-n submatrix you described.

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I suggest that you read the documentation on matrix indexing, and specifically the part about logical indexing. I believe the solution you're looking for is something like this:

vSub = v(:,v(2,:) > 0);  %# Extract columns where the second row is > 0
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This is a solution for a 30x2 matrix, and for non-negative y, not strictly positive. – aschepler Oct 11 '10 at 20:18
@aschepler: Right you are. Corrected now. I guess I'm too used to storing coordinate values in columns instead of rows. – gnovice Oct 11 '10 at 20:22

You try this simple indexing to extract positive values from both rows and merge both rows to form the required all positive values.

V = randn(2,5);

V =

0.7873    0.3199   -0.3114   -1.0257   -0.2099

-0.8759 -0.5583 -0.5700 -0.9087 -1.6989

% first row

f_row = V(1,:);

f_indeX = find(f_row > 0);

f = f_row(f_indeX);

%second row

s_row = V(2,:);

s_indeX = find(s_row > 0);

s = s_row(s_indeX);

%merge both first and second row to obtain all positive values

posValues = [f s];

posValues =

0.7873    0.3199    0.6647    0.8810    1.8586    0.1034    0.1136    1.4790    0.7847

The above values are positive values in both first and second rows. Hope this helps?

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