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This should be any easy one for you. I have an accordion that I'd like to be a fixed height. Each pane should be the same size, if there is any overflow on a pane a scroll bar should appear. In the code below the scroll bars appear on load for the first pane, but after the first pane change, the accordion expands it's height, so scroll bars are no longer needed.

What am I doing wrong?


      <script type="text/javascript">
        $('#accordion').accordion({autoHeight: false, clearStyle: true});


      <div id="accordion">
     <h3><a href="#">First Section</a></h3>
     <div style="height:50px; overflow:auto">
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     <h3><a href="#">Second Section</a></h3>
     <div style="height:50px; overflow:auto">
        Etiam varius, orci sit amet pharetra laoreet, diam augue dictum justo, et aliquam enim leo ut nulla. Quisque mi nunc, sagittis at euismod vel, feugiat a erat. In a metus quam. Pellentesque ullamcorper volutpat congue. Nunc facilisis varius velit eu lacinia. Quisque est nulla, tempus commodo gravida quis, consequat ut felis. Donec mattis, neque sagittis feugiat sollicitudin, augue lectus vulputate ligula, eget interdum nulla massa at nunc. Proin rhoncus nunc non felis mattis accumsan. Aliquam metus ligula, adipiscing ac ullamcorper vel, lobortis non erat. Aenean placerat libero porta enim dictum malesuada molestie sapien ultricies. Nullam ac commodo ligula.  

     <h3><a href="#">Third Section</a></h3>
     <div style="height:50px; overflow:auto">
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I appears that the height property is being animated as the accordion opens and closes. So once the top panel has been closed one time, it's height has been changed from the one specified in the inline style and is 'lost'.

I found when I factor the style out into the header the accordion works as desired:

    <style type="text/css">
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I added this style to my sample in stackoverflow.com/questions/8028470/… but it does not increase accordion panel height, it is still too small –  Andrus Nov 6 '11 at 16:36

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