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I have this in my controller:

@statics = [{'home' => 'about'},
            {'home' => 'termsandconditions'},
            {'home' => 'information'},
            {'news' => 'archives'}]

and in my view:

@statics.each do |controller, action|
  xml.loc url_for(:only_path => false, :controller => controller, :action => action)
  xml.lastmod     w3c_date(Time.now)
  xml.changefreq  "weekly"
  xml.priority    0.8

the URLs aren't what I would expect, e.g.


instead of


However, I just did this manually, I get the right URL:

url_for(:only_path => false, :controller => 'brownies', :action => 'index') #works!

What am I missing here?

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@statics is an array with one hash entry, so you'll need your each block to take just a single parameter and split it up inside the block.

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Ah, cheers. What I needed was an array of arrays. using hashes wrongly.... –  Kirschstein Oct 11 '10 at 21:08

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