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Is there a way to add a link or button in the menu that appears when you click on the top left corner of a web part in sharepoint 2010?

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These menu items are usually called "Verbs", there is a decent tutorial here on adding them.


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Thanks for your answer. The thing is that I want to add a verb in all the webparts of a page when I activate a feature I created. I'm able to do it in 2007 by linking my feature action to an assembly. It seems not posssible in 2010. Since I need a Javascript action, I might just need a way to inject javascript in a page, then this javascript will do the rest. –  CarlosBlanco Oct 12 '10 at 13:54
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What I did is use JQuery to look for all the Verb menus present in the page, then add a new DOM elemente to that menu tag.

I deployed this custom javascript code to all the pages using a delegate control with the id AdditionalPageHead. This delegate control added the custom script and a link to JQuery script file. JQuery was also bundled in the solution package.

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