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I found a vertical menu but I'm having some problems with it, i can't navigate properly in the submenu because i miss the menu when i move down.

Here I leave the website

please any help or comments will be help me .


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Work.on.your.accept.rate! Go to your profile and accept answers that helped you. People will like you more :) – Marko Oct 12 '10 at 1:59
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The menu links are far too wide, such that the mouseover target area overlaps the submenus. Instead of 142px, it should be something like 110px. Also, you could try setting the z-index property for the submenu <li> elements higher so that they display above the original menu, but that won't solve your problem by itself.

By the way, instead of styling each element individually, you can give any group of similar elements the same class attribute, and style that class with whatever properties all those elements share.

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