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When I create plane java Swing components like dialog boxes etc, it is very easy to make a unit test to display the Dialog. Basically, I can just create an instance of the dialog and call setIsVisible(true). I'm having a really tough time figuring out how to do this with a griffon View. I've been trying to do this with integration tests but I can't seem to get it.

I've tried a few things to show the view and nothing seems to work. The only way I seem to be able to get an instance of the view is: AirplaneView view = helper.newInstance(app, griffonpractice.AirplaneView.class, "Airplane")

After this I thought I may be able to do a view.setIsVisible(true) or view.frame.setIsVisible(true) but no luck. I'm guessing I am thinking about this the wrong way, there has to be a fairly simple way to do this. Any help is appreciated. My view looks like the following, note that there are no bindings so I shouldn't need to mock anything.

package griffonpractice
import javax.swing.JFrame

JFrame frame = application(title: 'GriffonPractice',
  size: [320,480],
  pack: true,
  location: [50,50],
        hbox(constraints: BL.NORTH)
            label(text: "shane")
            label(text: "Jack");
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Have you tried using FEST?

The book Griffon in Action has a detailed example on testing a Griffon application using FEST, the source code is available at

Here's a short example of 3 tests for a simple application

package dictionary

import org.fest.swing.fixture.*
import griffon.fest.FestSwingTestCase

class DictionaryTests extends FestSwingTestCase {
    void testInitialState() {

    void testWordIsFound() {
        window.with {
                .requireText('griffon: Grails inspired desktop application development platform.')

    void testWordIsNotFound() {
        window.with {
                .requireText("spock: Word doesn't exist in dictionary")

    protected void onTearDown() {
        app.models.dictionary.with {
            word = ""
            result = ""
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Thanks for your input, I'll take a look at fest and let you know how it goes. – GNSL Oct 14 '10 at 22:11

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