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I have several web services I need to create for them some testing mechanism and to use it as a tool for stress testing.

What's the best way to tackle this?

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Use a tool for the purpose, like The Grinder

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In my company they don't like Java, is there a C# framework with the same capabilities? – Yarin Miran Dec 24 '08 at 10:03
Well if you can point it at your WS ... and test it, why bother caring what language the tool is made in ? – sirrocco Dec 24 '08 at 10:40
@Yarin Miran, not that I know of. But the use of the word framework may be confusing you a bit. It is a framework, but it comes with a scriptable GUI that you can directly use (requiring only the JVM) to stress test your web services. The scripting (in Jython) is useful if you want to test on ... – Vinko Vrsalovic Dec 24 '08 at 10:56
... the presence of certain conditions or to replay the behavior of a human (not applicable in this case). But you can use it just setting some parameters like URL, amount of threads, how many requests per cycle and so on. – Vinko Vrsalovic Dec 24 '08 at 10:57

JMeter is also a great solution, as is SoapUI

I prefer SoapUI due to the extra features you get with test case creation.

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