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C#: Convert string to model

Let's say I need to take a string and turn it into an array. This string has a single universal character to denote a new element. For example, I want to turn this string:

var s = "first|second|third";

Into this array:

var segments = new[]

Is there an easier way to do it than this:

var segments = s.Split(new char[] { '|' });

I feel uncomfortable writing (new char[] { '|' }. I feel like there's probably this method, but I can't find its signature:

var segments = s.Split('|');
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The answer is exactly what you just wrote!

var s = "first|second|third";
var segments = s.Split('|');
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Yeah, I was just about to write the EXACT same thing... –  Alastair Pitts Oct 12 '10 at 4:48

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