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I'm new to WPF control template and need your help on this. I got a sample Microsoft Ribbon project here. I tried to change the color of the ribbon menu button but I can not make the yellow border goes off. Please see screenshot below.

alt text

If you have a work-around, please help!

You can get MS Ribbon from:

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This seems to be a desserted questions :(

Luckily after all, I found (cost 2 days) a work-around which uses the WPF Themes (download here 1 & 2 (go to WPF Themes on ) and change the brush whose key is x:Key="&# 254;". Here is my solution which :

  1. Change the "yellow" to white.
  2. Coloring blue everything else that highlighted.
  3. The red high light color is kept the same as the initial demo solution.
  4. I marked my fix by Fixed the "yellow-border bug" #1 & Fixed the "yellow-border bug" #2

This must be a bug of the Ribbon library since:

  1. If don't use the WPF theme, the bug appears !?
  2. The brushes #254 only got effective only if the a WPF theme used

It costs me so much time so I posted here to save the followers like me.

Hope this will help you!

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