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I want to model messages between users, here is the requirement:

  1. User has received and sent messages, and should be retrieved by user.received_messages and user.sent_messages

  2. Message has sender and receiver, and should be retrieved by message.sender and message.receiver.

I have created the User model as:

script/generate model User name:string

and Message model as:

script/generate model Message content:text sender_id:integer receiver_id:integer

I have come up with the Message like below, and it works as wish

class Message < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :sender, :class_name=>'User', :foreign_key=>'sender_id'
    belongs_to :receiver, :class_name=>'User', :foreign_key=>'receiver_id'

but I don't know how to model the User, any advise is appreciated.

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Just as in the Message model:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :sent_messages, :class_name => "Message", :foreign_key => "sender_id"
  has_many :received_messages, :class_name => "Message", :foreign_key => "receiver_id"
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If you just copy/pasted the code from Milan, then I suspect the error you're seeing is because there's a missing semi-colon in front of 'foreign_key'.

The lines should read:

  has_many :sent_messages, :class_name => "Message", :foreign_key => "sender_id"
  has_many :received_messages, :class_name => "Message", :foreign_key => "receiver_id"


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fixed the typo. thanks. +1 for a good spot ;) –  Milan Novota Dec 24 '08 at 17:57
Thanks for the response, I made a typo "foriegn_key". –  eric2323223 Dec 25 '08 at 1:29

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