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       I have Table with columns  | paper_id | reviewer_no | author_id|  . 
       candidate keys are
       1.{ paper_id,reviewer_no}. 
       2. { author_id,reviewer_no}.
       And my primary key is { paper_id,reviewer_no}. 

       I decomposed it into

---- table1 -----


where {paper_id,reviewer_no} is primary key 



where {paper_id} is primary key. 

My question is: on which normal form basis this decomposition is done ?

It seems , before decomposition of this table itself it is in 3NF.It seems there are no multivalued dependencies also. Can somebody solve this ?

Description about fields is as follows. Every author_id is unique.One author can write one paper(paper_id). paper_id is unique.single paper can be reviewed by single reviewer or more than one reviewer. At the same time one reviewer can review more than one paper.

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