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I am getting 'indexOutofRangeException occurred' error - 'FixedActual'

this is the code i am using any help would be appropriated.

SqlDataReader dataReader = null;
SqlCommand Scmd = new SqlCommand("SalesGetRecalcOrderItemCosts", this._connection);
Scmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure;
Scmd.Transaction = currentTransaction;
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OrderNumber", ItemSODBOM.SONO); //SoItem.fSnoNo
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UTCompFCostRef", sUTCompFCostRef);//utcomp.fcostref
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UTCompFCostEst", sUTCompFCostEst);//utcomp.fcostest
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UTCompFCostMType", sUTCompFCostMType);//utcomp.fcostmtype
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OrderItemNumber", finumber); //SoItem.finumber
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OrderType", "S");//Sales Order
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UseStandardTransitCost", "0");
Scmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@GetExtendedCosts", "0");
dataReader = Scmd.ExecuteReader();
while (dataReader.Read())
    using (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand updateCommand = this._connection.CreateCommand())
        string sql = @"
        FFIXACT = @FixedActual, FLABACT = @LaborActual, FMATLACT = @MaterialActual,
        FOTHRACT = @OtherActual, FOVHDACT= @OverheadActual, FRTGSETUPA= @SetupActual,
        FSUBACT = @SubcontractActual, FTOOLACT = @ToolActual,FSTANDPART = 0,
        FTOTPTIME = @TotalPTime, FTOTSTIME = @TotalSTime, FULABCOST1 = @ULaborCost1  
        updateCommand.CommandText = sql;
        updateCommand.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text;
        updateCommand.Transaction = currentTransaction;
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@FixedActual", dataReader["FixedActual"]); //This is where i am getting error
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@LaborActual", dataReader["LaborActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@MaterialActual", dataReader["MaterialActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OtherActual", dataReader["OtherActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@OverheadActual", dataReader["OverheadActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@SetupActual", dataReader["SetupActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@SubcontractActual", dataReader["SubcontractActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ToolActual", dataReader["ToolActual"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TotalPTime", dataReader["TotalPTime"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@TotalSTime", dataReader["TotalSTime"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@ULaborCost1", dataReader["ULaborCost1"]);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@FSONO", ItemSODBOM.SONO);
        updateCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@FINUM", finumber);

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Need more information. Which line is the exception occuring on? What have you tried to fix it? –  thecoop Oct 12 '10 at 9:05
out of curiosity, what are you trying to do here? you're executing a SPROC, reading the results, then passing those results to an UPDATE command? Why do 2 round-trips? Why not just do your UPDATE in the SPROC itself? In regards to the error, did you debug the results of the SPROC? Does "FixedActual" exist in the data reader?? –  RPM1984 Oct 12 '10 at 9:06
Are you sure your stored procedure returns a FixedActual field? –  GôTô Oct 12 '10 at 9:07
I got it, actually it should returns that value but unfortunately it is retuning some error. thanks –  Pradeep Oct 12 '10 at 9:22

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Well, the exception means your SqlDataReader doesn't have a FixedActual column. That's all we can really tell from what you've shown, to be honest. We don't know what your SalesGetRecalcOrderItemCosts stored procedure does, but it appears not to be returning exactly what you expect.

You might want to look at the SqlDataReader in a debugger and see what fields are available.

(As an aside, you should be using using statements for these resources - the command, reader etc - so that you dispose of everything properly. It's also not clear why you're using fully-qualified type names in some places but not others.)

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you are right, thanks –  Pradeep Oct 12 '10 at 9:23
@Downvoters: Care to comment? –  Jon Skeet Nov 6 '11 at 8:03

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