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I came across a post that mentioned Tuplizer in NHibernate, can anybody provide a good definition or reference for Tuplizer?

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From ITuplizer's source code:

A tuplizer defines the contract for things which know how to manage a particular representation of a piece of data, given that representation's EntityMode (the entity-mode essentially defining which representation).

If that given piece of data is thought of as a data structure, then a tuplizer is the thing which knows how to:

  • create such a data structure appropriately
  • extract values from and inject values into such a data structure

For example, a given piece of data might be represented as a POCO class. Here, it's representation and entity-mode is POCO. Well a tuplizer for POCO entity-modes would know how to:

  • create the data structure by calling the POCO's constructor
  • extract and inject values through getters/setter, or by direct field access, etc

That same piece of data might also be represented as a DOM structure, using the tuplizer associated with the XML entity-mode, which would generate instances of XmlElement as the data structure and know how to access the values as either nested XmlElements or as XmlAttributes.

In the words of Fabio Maulo:

The tuplizer defines how to transform a Property-Value to its persistent representation, and viceversa a Column-Value to its in-memory representation, and the EntityMode defines which tuplizer is in use.

Some things you can do with custom tuplizers:

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Am I the only one who thinks the above verbiage might be actually understood only AFTER one already knows what a tuplizer is? –  rapt Aug 7 '12 at 16:22
@rapt it is kinda hard to grok, but check out the examples. –  Mauricio Scheffer Aug 7 '12 at 18:38

Well, it might help to understand what a tuple is, first:


Python is most notable for having first class support for Tuples, though some other languages do as well (F#)


and of course!


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