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Please tell me how can I create a Richfaces page where I want to keep the collapsible panels fixed and below that I have another form. As the form is very large. So I want to put a scroller. Do I need to use frameset or is there any support for that in Richfaces

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Nothing jsf-specific. That is usually done via CSS:

  • create a <div class="limitedHeightDiv">
  • define the css class in a css file:

    .limitedHeightDiv {
       height: 100px;
       overflow: scroll;

(You can define these styles inline, using style=".." as well)

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thats a lot !!! it worked!!! –  C4CodeE4Exe Oct 12 '10 at 14:15


    .limitedHeightDiv {
       height: 100px;
       overflow: auto;

Will work a way better, in the previous case you will have scroll bars even if you don't need them. I guess it is just a question of different design and flavors. auto

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