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I have a PaymentDetail model with attribute 'home_address_country', so i can use

    @payment_detail.home_address_country //where @payment_detail is object of that model.

I want to use something like this:---

country_attribute=address_type+"_address_country"  //where address type is equal to 'home'

Means attribute name is stored in a variable. How can i do this?


eval("@#{country_attribute} = #{country_list}")
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  • Reading AR attribute



  • Writing AR attribute

    @payment_detail.send("#{address_type}_address_country=", value)


    @payment_detail.write_attribute("#{address_type}_address_country", value)
  • Setting instance variable

    @payment_detail.instance_variable_set("@#{address_type}_address_country", value)
  • Getting instance variable



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Recommended way for Rails 3 is to use dictionary-like access:

attr = @payment_detail["#{address_type}_address_country"]
attr = "new value"
@payment_detail["#{address_type}_address_country"] = attr

read_attribute and write_attribute methods work for Rails 2 only.

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FYI, I'm testing this in Rails 4 and #read_attribute is still operational -- not sure about #write_attribute. I'm switching to use #send instead, though. –  Dylan Jan 13 at 17:27

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