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If I insert an external sd card formatted in ext2 or ext3, will it be treated as a normal sd card (FAT32)?

The device is Samsung Galaxy S (Korean) running Android 2.1 I need the answer before I get the device tomorrow, because by the time I get the device, I will not have any option to change anything in the card.

Regards Sarwar Erfan

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ask android questions at android.stackexchange.com –  nos Mar 21 '11 at 9:50

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No. It does not work :( I tested on a real device (Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.1) and found it out.

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I found a hint of a solution here for rooted phones:


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Thanks. But what I required is out of the box solution. My query was simple, if I buy a brand new device from market and put ext2/ext3 formatted sdcard, will the device be able to read it. The answer is NO. –  Sarwar Erfan Mar 21 '11 at 12:10

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