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I have configured ClearCase plugin in Hudson .

I created a project , by giving new hudson_view_name as view name for the Hudson project and provided config spec. I identified in my view storage directory it is creating multiple folders related to the view. like ,

  • hudson_view_name.vws
  • hudson_view_name.1.vws
  • hudson_view_name.2.vws

, but when I see my "cleartool lsview" command only hudson_view_name.vws is visible not the hudson_view_name.x.vws.

When I do the following command:

cleartool rmview -force -tag hudson_view_name 
  • hudson_view_name.2.vws is being removed but hudson_view_name.vws and
  • hudson_view_name.1.vws remains , How can I remove those two as well.

Another question is why Hudson created many view storage locations like viewname.x.vws?

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viewname.x.vws is the naming convention for view storage for views whose tag is reused.
That is the case when the view is not deleted on the client side, but only on the view server side (i.e "cleartool unregister", followed by a "cleartool rmtag"):
The view is essentially gone for ClearCase, but its client-side view storage (which is now useless) remains.
(That is what Trent Fisher says in his comment of the Hudson ClearCase Plugin page)

In this scenario, you can re-create a view by reusing the former view tag, but, since a corresponding view storage still exists, a new storage.x.vws is created.

I would really-really recommend selecting the option "use existing dynamic view" to avoid that:

alt text

(but contrary to this picture, I would not select the "Do not reset the config spec").

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Now , How can I remove those entries hudson_view_name.1.vws hudson_view_name.x.vws , which are showing on the view storage location eg: \\servername\views\username\ , this is the place where all my views are stored in server. The problem is even the actual view is deleted , but these two left out entries are still taking my server space. –  srinannapa Oct 12 '10 at 19:48
@srinannapa: those old x.vws view storage directories are no longer used by ClearCase: you can simply remove them (rmdir). That will also avoid the creation of new x.vws when re-creating a view with the same tag than an older view unregistered and rmtag'ed. –  VonC Oct 12 '10 at 20:05

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