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I want to make a program that reads a serial port (V.24). with the info from the serial port I need to split a string up, and add it to a MySQL database.

I don't know C very well, so I need some help with what functions I should use

The program has to run under windows XP, and I have to make it an service.

thanks, Sebastian

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@Mitch Wheat, he will have to learn C then, doesn't he? I distinctly remember me wanting to program a Moon Lander clone in C, then I learned C and did it. :-) – Prof. Falken Oct 12 '10 at 13:13
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Services are a pain to debug. I suggest writing your code as a normal application first - command line will do - and then, once it works, converting it to a service (which is a mechanical process).

In general, Windows GUI based apps in C are a PITA to write for the first time. Very finicky, very sensitive. A command line app or a service will be quite a bit easier.

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I'm inclined to think that the only person who ever wrote a Windows GUI program from scratch was Petzold; everyone else took one of his programs as a basis. – MSalters Oct 12 '10 at 13:47
@MSalters: heh, I claim that dubious honour =-) Bitch it was too! Windows does not tell you what's going wrong. You just have to get it all right, then it magically works. – user82238 Oct 12 '10 at 14:34

I recommend reading this. As for if this will work as a service, I am not sure, but it should.

You can also look at existing open source projects, to see if you can take that source as a starting point, or if they already solve your problems.

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