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I'm looking for resources to learn programming in assembler for 8086 processor. Either books or online resource for total beginners in assembly.

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Are you targeting a PC with a BIOS, or even DOS? Or are you coding for "naked hardware" i.e. embedded? – Prof. Falken Oct 12 '10 at 13:25

Here's a good introductory tutorial by Ferdi Smit.

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Here is a "crash course" in 8086 assembler.

Intels Pocket Guide from 1982. :-) An introduction to ... IBM PC 8088 Assembly Language Programming

This is not a book, but in Turbo C it is very easy to write and debug assembly. I recommend getting Turbo C and DosBOX, then use DosBOX both as development environment and target.

If you want to use Linux tools, bin86 is available as a package in Ubuntu.

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You can try " Assembly Language Programming and Organization of the IBM Pc by Ytha Yu & Charles Marut "

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