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Is there any way to make git gui display and show diffs for UTF16 files somehow?

I found some information, but this is mostly referring to the command line rather than the gui.

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I have been working on a much better solution with help from the msysGit people, and have come up with this clean/smudge filter. The filter uses the Gnu file and iconv commands to determine the type of the file, and convert it to and from msysGit's internal UTF-8 format.

This type of Clean/Smudge Filter gives you much more flexibility. It should allow Git to treat your mixed-format files as UTF-8 text in most cases: diffs, merge, git-grep, as well as gitattributes properties like eol-conversion, ident-replacement, and built-in diff patterns.

The diff filter solution outlined above only works for diffs, and so is much more limited.

To set up this filter:

  1. Get Gnu libiconv, and file, and install both.
  2. Ensure that the GnuWin32\bin directory (usually "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin") is in your %PATH%
  3. Add the following to ~\Git\etc\gitconfig:

    [filter "mixedtext"]
        clean = iconv -sc -f $(file -b --mime-encoding %f) -t utf-8
        smudge = iconv -sc -f utf-8 -t $(file -b --mime-encoding %f)
  4. Add a line to your global ~/Git/etc/gitattributes or local ~/.gitattributes to handle mixed format text, for example:

    *.txt filter=mixedtext

I have used this on a directory with sql files in ANSI, UTF-16, and UTF-8 formats. It is working so far. Barring any surprises, this looks like the 20% effort that could cover 80% of all Windows text format problems.

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can you confirm if this solution applies retrospectively for previous commits? I tried this and my edits to UTF-16 files are still not displaying in the gitk tool in msysgit. –  Adam Mar 31 '14 at 10:21
this seems to fail when I do a git pull that includes files deleted by another git user. I get the error msg from iconv: conversion to cannot unsupported... is there anyway to stop this filter from executing on deleted files? –  Adam Mar 31 '14 at 12:45

This method is for MSysGit 1.8.1, and is tested on Windows XP. I use Git Extensions 2.44, but since the changes are at the Git level, they should work for Git Gui as well. Steps:

  1. Install Gnu Iconv.

  2. Create the following script, name it astextutf16, and place it in the /bin directory of your Git installation (this is based on the existing astextplain script):

    #!/bin/sh -e
    # converts Windows Unicode (UTF-16 / UCS-2) to Git-friendly UTF-8
    # notes:
    # * requires Gnu iconv:
    # * this script must be placed in: ~/Git/bin
    # * modify global ~/Git/etc/gitconfig or local ~/.git/config:
    #       [diff "astextutf16"]
    #           textconv = astextutf16
    # * or, from command line:
    #       $ git config diff.astextutf16.textconv astextutf16
    # * modify global ~/Git/etc/gitattributes or local ~/.gitattributes:
    #       *.txt diff=astextutf16
    if test "$#" != 1 ; then
        echo "Usage: astextutf16 <file>" 1>&2
        exit 1
    # -f(rom) utf-16 -t(o) utf-8
    "\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\iconv.exe" -f utf-16 -t utf-8 "$1"
    exit 0
  3. Modify the global ~/Git/etc/gitconfig or your local ~/.git/config file, and add these lines:

    [diff "astextutf16"]  
        textconv = astextutf16
  4. Or, from command line:

    $ git config diff.astextutf16.textconv astextutf16

  5. Modify the global ~/Git/etc/gitattributes or your local ~/.gitattributes file, and map your extensions to be converted:

    *.txt diff=astextutf16

  6. Test. UTF-16 files should now be visible.

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