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Is there a way to tell if a variable is defined on command line using SQLCMD?

Here is my command line:

sqlcmd -vDB="EduC_E100" -i"Z:\SQL Common\Admin\ProdToTest_DB.sql"

Inside ProdToTest_DB.sql I would like to set some sort of conditional IF to check if the variable does not exists and define it if it does not.

:setvar DB "C_Q200"

I want to allow the script to be run both from command line and inside of SSMS.

Thanks in advance.

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I've used variants of the following routine in numerous command-line-variable-dependant scripts. Here, "DataPath" is the required value.

DECLARE @Test_SQLCMD  varchar(100)

--  Confirm that SQLCMD values have been set (assume that if 1 is, all are)
SET @Test_SQLCMD = '$(DataPath)'

IF reverse(@Test_SQLCMD) = ')htaPataD($'
    --  SQLCMD variables have not been set, crash and burn!
    RAISERROR('This script must be called with the required SQLCMD variables!', 20, 1) with log
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You can accomplish what you want with a try catch statement. Just access one of your variables in the try, if that generates an error, define them in the catch.

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