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VALUES (1, 'Mrs','Jill','Hill','2 Step St','Hillington','Uxbridge',
        'Middx''UB10 8XY','020    8999 684') ;
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Column count doesn't match value count – Pekka 웃 Oct 12 '10 at 15:27

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You are missing a comma between

'Middx''UB10 8XY'

When MySql finds two strings separated by nothing or whitespace it concatenates them.
This decreases the number of values in your values list by 1 resulting in 1136 error.

You can see a demo here.

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From the little details you gave, this is how that query should look like:

INSERT INTO Customer2 VALUES (1, 'Mrs','Jill','Hill','2 Step St','Hillington','Uxbridge','Middx','UB10 8XY','020 8999 684') ;

You're missing a comma between Middx and UB10

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