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I'm using the Process Class to start processes, but don't ever want more than one instance of any program to be running.

Looking at the documentation, there are lots of likely-looking properties, but nothing that stands out as the most obvious.

What's the best way to determine if a process is running?

Edit: John Fisher is right: it's an existing application that I'm starting and I'm unable to modify it.

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You can call this method


and loop through the result (a collection of type Process) to see if the name matches. Something like this:

foreach (Process prc in Process.GetProcesses())
    if (prc.ProcessName.Contains(MyProcessName))
        //Process is running
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I guess that all depends on what you mean by "best way"? Do you mean the fastest, the most accurate, or one that will handle some odd circumstances?

The way I would start is by listing the processes and checking the executable file name against the one I'm trying to start. If they match (case insensitive), it's probably running.

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You should use the Singleton application pattern for that:

bool createdNew = true;
using (var mutex = new Mutex(true, "YourProcessName", out createdNew))
    if (createdNew)
        // Run application
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This will only work if he's trying to start an app he's written and can modify. – John Fisher Oct 12 '10 at 16:06

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