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Does Sql Server management studio have no nice support for multi-monitor setups?

The only way I can see to use it multi-monitor is to stretch the main window across both monitors, but this isn't really practical, as my two main monitors are different sizes and resolutions (external monitor on a laptop).

I was hoping for something at least similar to the support added in VS2010. I can't find anything even remotely close though.

Using SSMS 2008.

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No. But you can open multiple instances of it.

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Guess it is a workaround... though requires more system resources of course. Here's looking forward to the next version and hopefully multi-monitor support! –  eidylon Oct 12 '10 at 20:18

SSMS 2008 is based on visual studio 2008's shell, so it doesn't have the multi-monitor support that VS2010 does. Maybe the next version of SSMS?

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if i understood correctly , i dont think even in the next version or any other version. because multimonitor is related to your screen not specific to any software. regards, sekhar.

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