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Not a long question. Can anyone explain what the word "translation" means in the context of graphics? Thanks a lot.

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Translation is just moving something (up, down, or sideways).

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Move an object - don't rotate or scale or distort it, just move it

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Translation, as said, is moving an object. This is one of the affine transformations (which means it doesn't distort the object). There are a few others, the 2D versions of which are described here. (Note that shearing, the final one listed, isn't affine).

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It literally means to translate coordinates from one graph system to another using a mathmatical function.

In normal 2d/3d geometry this is accomplished by adding or subtracting values to move the origin of one system to the orgin of the other.

Ie - move the object from one spot to another.

(Ps this is somewhat simplified.)

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