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Is there an option that the GCC preprocessor could generate C source code and filter out irrelevant source code?

For example, a c file has #define switch to define for many different platforms. I'm only interested in one platform, and I want the C preprocessor to filter out unrelated code.

Does GCC support this?

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Note that after running the preprocessor, you'll also have all #include s at the top of the file (so prepare for a lot of scrolling). –  delnan Oct 12 '10 at 16:45
There is a duplicate of this question at stackoverflow.com/questions/3917316/gcc-preprocessor with additional answers and discussion. –  Kevin Vermeer Mar 28 '11 at 21:18

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Yes. Use the -E option:

gcc -E foo.c
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While the -E option will perform all pre-processing, it also produces some very 'raw' output that might not be what you want (depending on what you want).

If you need to debug a macro expansion that's not doing what you expect, E is a good way to go. If you simply want to filter out the 'inactive code', but leave the remaining code in more-or-less original form, you might want to look at the answers to the following stackoverflow question:

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It sounds like you want unifdef not the GCC preprocessor.

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