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to get some inspiration in the design of a web site, i often google something like "most beautiful website designs" or "best css designs". But each time you have a page referencing nice designs (like, it is always a showcase design and mostly from a design agency. Ok, but this is always a static point of view.

I am looking for a page referencing designs concerning active and dynamic pages, designs concerning websites that you can interact with. Keeping a design beautiful while it presents you the data you are looking for is another challenge.

Any advices to where i can find those, or even examples that stroke you in the pas are welcome.

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This should really be a wiki. – Marko Oct 12 '10 at 21:18

Have you gone to Smashing Magazine? Specifically check the Showcases section. Here is one titled Corporate Website Design, which looks promising.

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if you want to see beautiful website than i guess you must follow zen They also have a book CSS Zen Garden. Which discuss in detail about these designs.

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Look into the various sites that sell templates.

for example,

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Probably DeviantArt is the best choice to search for concepts.

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My two favorites are:

You can find a lot of inspiration at these. I like to browse the great designs in the galleries, and clicking on the pic or link takes you to the actual site, where you can "interact" 'til your heart's content :)

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