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Are the JavaDocs for clojure.lang, etc. available online? Do I need to build it myself from the Clojure source?


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if you want descriptions for functions and even examples, visit ClojureDocs

you can even contribute ;)

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Aye jeust mite, if people can stand my creative spelling. :-) –  Ralph Oct 12 '10 at 18:48

Javadocs don't exist, per se. If you look at the Java source code, it's very sparsely documented. Certainly you could generate a skeleton yourself, but it probably wouldn't be all that useful anyway as much of the language is self-implemented (in clojure), using Java mostly for bootstrapping the core functionality. I don't think clojure.lang package is really intended to be used directly.

To learn about Clojure functions you can:

  • Use (doc) and (find-doc) from a repl
  • Use the API reference at clojure.org
  • See ClojureDocs, per @Belun's answer
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