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I have a href element and that has onclick event on it. I want to change the function after some event. I tried using jquery but the old one and new function both are fired. I want only the new one t be fired.

My Code is as:

<a href='#' id='cvtest' onclick='testMe("One")' >TEST</a>
 after some event i am adding following code:
$("#cvtest").click(function(){ testMe("Two"); });  

When i click "Test" link i get 2 alerts "One" and "Two".

How to stop the first event getting fired or is there any other solution to this problem?

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Don't use the deprecated onclick property. Assign both event handlers using jQuery. Then it's easy to remove the one you no longer want.

// Add the original event handler:
var originalEventHandler = function() { 

// Then later remove it and add a new one:
var newEventHandler = function() { 
$("#cvtest").unbind('click', originalEventHandler).click(newEventHandler);
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THX VoteyDisciple –  user367134 Oct 14 '10 at 17:46

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