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Alright so here it is. I need to figure out the average amount of days between two columns.

Column 1 is recieved_date and column 2 is fix_date

Just want to know how to take the two dates find the difference in days, do that for every row and pop out a number stating the average amount of days it takes to fix something.

Tried to find it online but every time I find something like it, they have two specific dates. I need the entire columns averaged.

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You can use the TIMESTAMPDIFF function both for dates and datetime.

See Mysql average time between visits

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Please add a example of this solution. –  Starx Nov 14 '12 at 13:39

Add a group by and some other columns to this and it should do the trick:

  datediff(fix_date, received_date) as fix_period
  from some_table
) as a
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