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Is there a way to declare a tuple in xaml so I can use it as a converterparameter?

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Not directly.

There are some interesting solutions to similar questions:

Generally, you will have to create your own type that is non-generic and use it instead.



Tuple<string, int, double>

You could create a class:

namespace Models
    class MyData
        public MyString { get; set; }
        public MyInt { get; set; }
        public MyDouble { get; set; }

Then add a namespace to XAML:


Then create your instance as needed:

<models:MyData MyString="someString" MyInt="123" MyDouble="0.1" />
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You don't need to declare it in XAML. You can use x:Static to assign a ConverterParameter declared in code:

<TextBlock Text="{Binding Converter={x:Static local:MyConverter.Default}, ConverterParameter={x:Static local:MySettings.Name}}" />

And what you're accessing just needs to be static:

public static class MySettings
    public static string Name
        get { return "Test"; }
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I am aware I dont need to in fact I have this already Tuple<Visibility, Visibility> visibleTuple = new Tuple<Visibility, Visibility>(Visibility.Collapsed, Visibility.Visible); this.Resources.Add("visibleTuple", visibleTuple); just thought there had to be a way to do it in xaml with all the new features in xaml2009 –  Wegged Oct 12 '10 at 22:40
Interesting side note, but doesn't answer the question. –  dkantowitz Aug 9 '12 at 1:58

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