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I prefer dark backgrounds for coding, and I've downloaded a jar file containing an IntelliJ IDEA color theme that has a dark background. How do I tell IntelliJ about it?

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Where did you get the colour theme?? I've been looking for a good IntelliJ one. –  Lehane Oct 31 '08 at 14:58
I lost track of it, actually. There's an interesting looking one here (blog.gokhanozcan.com/2008/10/06/intellij-idea-dark-color-scheme), though. –  Hank Gay Nov 1 '08 at 16:53
File -> Import Settings didn't work for me (but I only had a color scheme XML file. I put the XML file in ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIDEA10CE/colors/ and restarted the IDE. Done. The folder name in Preferences may not be exactly as mine is, but it should be rather obvious. –  davidcondrey Jan 30 at 6:48

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Take a look here: Third Party Add-ons

You may have to extract the jar using a zip application. Hopefully inside you'll find a collection of XML files.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugins

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Hey, I think this link is broken. Can you fix it? –  Anubian Noob Jun 3 '14 at 1:59

Go to File->Import Settings... and select the jar settings file

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First do File -> Import Settings... and select the jar settings file as @nevster and @MalsR said

Then go to Settings -> Editor -> Colors and Fonts to choose the theme you just installed.

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Nice, simple and straightforward answer. Thanks!! –  Dan The Lion Jul 7 '14 at 14:56

Interesting I never spent too much time adjusting the colours in IntelliJ although tried once.

See link below with an already defined colour scheme you can import.

Where can I download IntelliJ IDEA 10 Color Schemes?


Download the jar file, file import the jar where you will see a what to import ;)

enter image description here

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