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help me please with naming vars and functions!

And more specifically about standartizing names and functions (I'm not talking about classes because sometimes it really depends on FrameWork etc.).

For example: list, map, counter/count (or cnt), quantity (or qnty) etc.

I'm asking because sometime it is really difficult for me to find best name (English ins't my native janguage, Russian is. :)).

Thank you.

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Pick names that add meaning and give clarity to the code where appropriate. –  user166390 Oct 12 '10 at 20:40
I actually think it IS possible to answer this objective. I have the same problem not being a native speaker. For us it is not always obvious what the widely used word is. For example if I want to count objects then I could name a function: countObjects(), enumerateObjects(), numberObjects(), totalObjects(), amountObjects(). These are the words that a dictionary suggest. For you native speakers it probably obvious to chose countObjects()..but not for us. So some kind of standard word list would be helpful. –  problemofficer Dec 8 '10 at 3:13

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I think this question is a little too general. What programming language are you referring to. The "standards" are different for different languages. For example in general C++ functions are named something like manipulateArrayData(char* pArray, int nLength) and in C# it would be something like ManipulateArrayData(char[] array) (no length parameter needed in C#)

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Please note that I'm not talking about coding style, I'm talking about keywords in variable names. I'm not interested, how you writing it, I want to know what words I'm using for naming. –  Kirzilla Oct 12 '10 at 20:46
Sorry, my misunderstanding. I would go with the naming convention of picking something that is meaningful. If it is a list, name it list like you mentioned in your post. I would not abbreviate unless you have some sort of character limit or it is a very clear abbreviation. Especially if you are unsure. A little wordier is okay in my book if it is clear. –  pstrjds Oct 12 '10 at 20:53

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