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In a servlet I have:

HashMap eventsByDayNo = new HashMap();
eventsByDayNo.put (new Integer(12), "day 12 info");
eventsByDayNo.put (new Integer(11), "day 11 info");
eventsByDayNo.put (new Integer(15), "day 15 info");
eventsByDayNo.put (new Integer(16), "day 16 info");

request.setAttribute("eventsByDayNo", eventsByDayNo);
request.setAttribute("daysInMonth", new Integer(31));

And in a jsp I have:

<c:forEach var="dn" begin="1" end="${daysInMonth}" step="1" varStatus="status">
  Day Number=<c:out value="${dn}" /> Value=<c:out value="${eventsByDayNo[dn]}" /><br>

The above JSTL works fine, but if I try to offset the day number <c:out value="${eventsByDayNo[dn+3]}" /> none of the hashmap entries are not printed. Any answers as to why not?

The above is just a proof of concept for my real application.

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My guess is that dn+3 has type java.lang.Double, not java.lang.Integer (which you may expect).

<c:forEach var="dn" begin="1" end="${daysInMonth}" step="1">
    <c:set var="dnplus3" value="${dn+3}" />
    dn=<c:out value="${dn}" />
    dnplus3=<c:out value="${dnplus3}" />
    class=<c:out value="${dnplus3.class.name}" />
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You are right, I'm expecting an Integer but it is a long dn=1 dnplus3=4 class=java.lang.Long. – jeff Oct 12 '10 at 21:35
For the reference, the Expression Language Specification Version 2.2 defines in section 1.7.1 the operator +, which in this case results in a Long value. – Roland Illig Oct 13 '10 at 22:01
Just thinking that this is an example of strong typing fighting back, instead of preventing errors as it was supposed to do, is not doing what the user expects. – stivlo Jun 10 '11 at 13:01

Numbers (at least, whole numbers) in EL are implicitly treated as Long. So replace your Map<Integer, String> by a Map<Long, String> and it will work.

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