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This should be an easy one for someone...

I had a function in a TCL script called unwrap. Modifying it, I realized I no longer needed to pass it args.

So I changed it to

unwrap {} {

Now when I call it with no args, i.e.:


I get an error invalid command unwrap

Ideas? How do I properly format a TCL function with no args?

I tried to use this reference, which showed a call identical to mine:

Is that page incorrect?

FYI, removing the inner code and inserting it into the spot of the call works, so I know its just my syntax, not the function code itself.

Thanks in advance!

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You forgot the proc

proc unwrap {} {

What probably happened in your interpreter was that you defined unwrap with args first, and then when you forgot the proc the second time, you didn't get an error b/c the interpreter just thought you were calling unwrap itself (instead of redefining it, which is what you wanted).

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calling it with 2 args, to be specific. –  glenn jackman Oct 13 '10 at 10:09
Yep, that worked! I somehow deleted proc when I was modifying the script. –  Jason R. Mick Oct 13 '10 at 16:52
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