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So some web apps I've made have little "features" of ajax. Simple things usually, so I've only ever needed one hash (e.g. What if I wanted to have the "products" page loaded through ajax too? I know that it doesn't need to be in the hash, but for some functionality I prefer it (for user history and following urls and such).

Is there a plugin that somehow could handle making hashes and parsing them to get some name-value pairs or something? Or should I just do this myself?

So I could have something like (

Not that I care how the properties are laid out in the url...


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Your question is kind-of hard to understand. Can you describe more clearly what it is you want to happen, to what, and when? – Pointy Oct 13 '10 at 0:22
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I think what you're after is the jQuery BBQ plugin, it's for exactly this (storage/history in the hash, including name/value pairs).

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