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I'm relatively new to Javascript, and I'd like to run the piece of code I spent the weekend playing with through JSLint so that it can point out where I was being a total idiot :)

Unfortunately, I get tons of errors about missing function declarations, which are part of the JQuery javascript library and various plugins for it.

Is there any way I can run such code through JSLint?

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If you're using the web version of jslint, you can simply add the $ object in the predefined option:

alt text

If you're using a local copy of jslint, you'd want to set the predef option to $ in the options object.

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In addition to Daniel's answer, you can "declare" $ on a per-file basis by including the following comment:

/*global $*/

(Note: no space is allowed between /* and global.)

For web stuff you'll often also want to include window, i.e.

/*global $, window*/
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