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I know this stream works because of two reasons:

  • 1) It works OUTSIDE of OSMF
  • 2) It works in the akamai support player: I don't believe the current akamai support player is using OSMF (which is suprising since they built the predecessor to osmf..)

My question is: How in the world do I play a live stream in osmf? This should be very simple if not automatic. However, I'm getting the following error when I try to play a working live stream:

Error: Stream not found

Which is a bunch of garbage since a non-OSMF player can play it. I have the Akamai Basic Streaming plugin which doesn't seem to be helping either.


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Awesome. I've been n00bized again. That'll learn me.

I scoured through the source again and found out it's this easy:

var mediaPlayerSprite:MediaPlayerSprite = new MediaPlayerSprite();
var videoElement:VideoElement = new VideoElement();

videoElement.resource = new StreamingURLResource("rtmp://", StreamType.LIVE);

addChild(mediaPlayerSprite); = videoElement;

Until next time, this was "Stump yourself". Thank you, and good night.

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