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I am using django-storage's Mosso backend to store image files in the Rackspace CDN. However, I am facing very slow page loads due to the back and fourth of model.image_field.url lookups to the api. Does anyone know a good way to cache this value?

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Are you using a caching mechanism now? Post your settings file. –  Andrew Sledge Oct 13 '10 at 11:54
Yes, I'm using memcached. I just want to not send a request to the cloudfiles api every time I use .url in a template. –  kkubasik Oct 14 '10 at 18:34

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If you've already got memcached on your side, I suggest the memorised module:


... which is a variant of the classic python-decorator memoize -- the memorized module eschews local dict caches for the memcache. "memorised" functions are almost as fast as memoized functions* plus their cache isn't tied to the lifecycle of the python interpreter.

I don't know thing one about rackspace cdn, but memorised makes my stuff measurably faster in a granular and magic-free way.

[*]: in my little bitty statistically-insignificant testing

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