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This is the problem, I have a class MainWindow that extends JFrame in one of the setup routines I set the layout of the class to a new CardLayout(). This all works fine but when I go to request the the layout from the JFrame and cast what it returns to a CardLayout I get errors because it is returning a BorderLayout. I think you get the picture from hear.

Please find some code below:

public MainWindow()

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    CardLayout m = (CardLayout)super.getLayout();;

private void initWindow()

    super.add(_buttons_panel, "bpanel");

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wow all of these questions but yet not one helpful one.

I see that the code is not perfect this is because I have been trying everything to trap the problem. Yes I realize casting like that is not good but this is just test code to prove the point. Oh and _mainLayout is you guessed it a CardLayout.

I have also read how to use card layout and my code does not do anything out of the ordinary.

Any more unhelpful answers?

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First, you should not cast a layout like that, at least without making any verifications. You should use the instanceof keyword first, to check if it really is a CardLayout, to prevent the program from finishing abruptly.

Second, the problem is here:

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    CardLayout m = (CardLayout)super.getContentPane().getLayout();;

Basicly you were getting the layout of the JFrame, and not from the JFrame's content pane, which is the one you actually set to be a CardLayout.

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The code you posted doesn't help us since we don't have all the information. We don't know what the variable _mainLayout refers to.

I suggest you start by reading the section from the Swing tutorial How to Use Card Layout for a working example and a better designed program. For one thing there is no reason to extend JFrame since you haven't added any functionality.

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The getLayout method of JFrame is inherited from Container and thus does not forward on the call to the JFrame's content pane. You could try using super.getContentPane().getLayout() instead of super.getLayout().

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